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Monday is Yoga day (well morning). Egle had the great idea to have the class at Avalon Steppes at Kayakoy rather than the Barracuda. We know Avalon Steppes well. It is deep into Kayakoy with the unusual feature being their Yurts. Murat owns Avalon Steppes and is aided by his mum and dad who are amazing. His dad built the Yurts with Murat and lots of other projects too. His mum is a brilliant cook.

Love this shot. Egle thrilled with her new “singing bowl” and Aileen engrossed

The views are stunning with Baba Dag playing a major part.

It was the best location we have “Yogad”. Much as we like the beach, it was even nicer here in the countryside, on the grass and with birds singing all-around.

Egle had just acquired a new “singing bowl” (or ringing bowl as I mistakenly called it ….and was “corrected” 🙂 ) I think we all quite liked it. Egle was like a kid with a new toy 🙂

Post-yoga breakfast at Vavalon Steppes

After Yoga we had breakfast there, Most of us had Menemen, Eric had a Village Breakfast. Menemen is a kinda tomatoey, red-peppery, onioney, scrambled egg……and these were the best we have had ….. anywhere!

3 kingfishers just flew past the arch !

Aileen and I carried on to Gemiler after Yoga with the paddleboards. It’s a small bay with one restaurant/bar which now sadly has a reputation as a rip-off joint. Friends were charged £10 for a beer instead of something like £3.50 ish at an expensive place.

We had our coolbox and chairs etc. As it turns out Aileen didn’t come out on the SUP. She was enjoying the chillax ….and the peace and quiet when I was away on the board !.

I paddled out to near Coldwater Bay then back towards Gemiler. I even passed a motorboat ….which was going in the same direction ….clearly not very fast !. I carried on beyond Gemiler into the adjacent bay. It was sheltered with love;y water for swimming. There were a few small day-boats there and a couple of small beaches. Passing the stone arch on the way back, three kingfishers shot past me. It is a stunning spot in the afternoon, with the sun illuminating the arch and Baba Dag

I was quite pleased with 7.4Km paddle in just over 90 minutes in the sea.

As we were packing up I did emit a curse. Some git had left a pointy wooden skewer in the sand which was protruding from the sand pointy-end up! I wasn’t thrilled about puncturing my foot like that!

Now that’s what I call a picnic!

We packed up and headed home, stopping at the Gemiler viewpoint for a pic. A young couple had a table perched on the edge with their table-cloth, chairs and a wee stove with chimney the Turks use to make tea. That’s doing it with style 🙂

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Didn’t go to plan. We should have been on a boat trip on a “cycle day”, but the forecast wasn’t good for the morning (rain), then clouds the rest of the day. We called off.

We did some chores then headed into Fethiye for more chores. The traffic was chaos!.

Rainy day so time for a treat. The best kebabs in Fethiye

On the bright side, we had our favourite kebab at a tiny place in the vegetable market. We have never had a kebab which is even remotely as good as the two places there!

One thing which tickled us was a couple of “Dutch” moments. We are often asked if we are Dutch or German when we are abroad (usually Dutch). A guy in a shop asked us that in Fethiye.

When a Lycian sarcophagus is a traffic island

On our way back to the car near the sarcophagus in the middle of the road we popped into a coffee place we had heard about. It roasts and grinds its own beans as well which was good to know.

I went inside and asked for two Americanos. There was another customer at the counter speaking English. On her way out she asked us if we were Dutch. What was even funnier was that she was Dutch!. It was Nicolette Tuzer who was one of the owners of Sky Sports Paragliding (apparently they sold it last year)


One with me for a change. Thanks, Claire 🙂

Up bright and early for the Ramblers walk. This one was the Yakacık loop which we have walked before, but the temperatures were less punishing this time. About 14km with a picnic under the Yakacık village tree.

Sunset Panorama

In the evening we met Nigel and Jayne at the Cafe Park Teras in Fethiye to see the sun go down, then onto our most-used restaurant the Kefal for seafood meze. İt is very central, but still very few tourists. Lots of locals though… which is a good thing! Nigel and Jayne like Rakı which is what the Turks drink on fish restaurants so all was well in the world!

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This is normally a cycle day and the plan was to cycle to Üzümlu (a lot of climbing) to meet Peter who had cycled from the UK for charity. The timing didn’t work for me so we went Kayaking with Wet n Wild instead.

Our Inflatable Kayak

This is a recent group who got together (well done Sir Dave Tomkins ?) after I asked if there were many SUP people on Facebook. There was little interest….. but lots of people who wanted to Kayak! Dave started the group, sussed out where to buy kayaks.. There will be almost 30 kayaks in the group soon!

They go on trips every 10 days or so, with plans to have a camping trip.

After our “trial day” we decided to buy kayaks. Life is too short and you “can’t take it with you”!

Before the new kayaks arrived I was keen to see how our inflatable kayak fared against the rigid ones. I knew it was slow and cumbersome…. but I didn’t know how slow in comparison.

Setting sail

It was SLOW !. Many thanks to our fellow kayakers who hung around to let us catch-up at various points. It was a great experience paddling along the craggy coastline with chums.

Worse ways to spend an afternoon

We stopped for lunch at what would have been a busy beach a few weeks ago. Now it is empty but still high 20’s C, sunny & roasting! It’s a smart idea to have a BBQ rather than just bring a sandwich, as it enforces a decent length break….. and a great opportunity for a blether.

As we paddled away from our BBQ stop something came shooting out of the water and hit the kayak hard and fast, then skipped across the water.

I had a quick look round to see who had chucked something. Nope that wasn’t the cause. I checked the wooded slope above us to see if someone had thrown something from there…… Nope. Then we saw what is was….. “fling fish”!…. or at least fish which come flying out of the water!

One was close to Ann-Marie, a couple hit Rays Kayak. Sadly none landed in the kayak for tea or posed long enough for a photo!

We arrived at Aksazar beach. The conditions were windier but still good. It was a hard paddle for us as the inflatable needs to be driven hard… especially if trying to keep up with rigids.

A cracking day and the start of more adventures

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The days fly past. We seem to be doing so much it’s hard to believe we were kayaking was only yesterday!

Beach Yoga at Gemiler

Friday is Oludeniz beach yoga day. We often SUP after that. We decided to go back to Gemiler again and BBQ for lunch.

As it was only Aileen and me going to the Yoga, and we always ask Eglė if she wants to join us SUPing as she has a love for the sea, she has the great idea of Yoga at Gemiler then SUP there. We had a plan!

Car loaded we three set off. It was a light cloudy day with splashes of sunshine, but still nearly 30C.

Gemiler is a beautiful spot with Babadağ looming ahead, St Nicholas Island between us and the mountain and Oludeniz invisible but paddelable between these. Not a fantastic “beach”, but usually quiet, certainly in the morning.

The cloud was a blessing. We had a lovely Yoga session with Eglė in an amazing setting.

Too shallow to paddle through the arch

Afterwards, we unleashed the boards! The water looked very calm. That can be deceptive as we discovered with Eglė earlier in the year at Oludeniz. What looked calm then, was like being on a bucking bronco as the boards dipped and dived and turned at the same time.

This was much more benign, but as we came round the headland to pass the stone arch, planning to paddle to the small beaches in the next cove, the headwind made it hard to make any progress. SUP and headwind don’t mix!

We turned and paddled between the mainland and St Nicholas Island which is much more protected. A really fab paddle. It was a bit more exposed as we reached Cold Water Bay…. or at least barely into the mouth of the Bay for a peek.

That was enough paddling, and the main problem was we were all hungry and we had a BBQ to do!

We collected some a plastic box and a drinks carton from the water on our way back. The speedboats which buzz around rowing ringos and bananas etc really are a pain in the arse (dealing with the wash from them at least), but hey-ho.

BBQ time 🙂

I fired up the disposable BBQ.. which didn’t go as well as yesterday’s one! I had to use the long lighter on full burn for a couple of minutes to help ignite the rest of the coals.

Eglė doesn’t eat much meat, so it was a DIY veggie skewer making competition! Aileen made a lovely marinade and we brought a bag of fresh veg to be chopped, painted with marinade, and arranged artistically onto a metal skewer!

It all took a while!

A pup? I don’t want to meet the parents!

Meanwhile, we were inspected by some huge “puppies” which largely minded their own business under the köşk. A guy wandered past with what Eglė thought was a monkey in his arms! It turned out to be a marmoset looking cat with a rainbow coloured collar and lead ?. Eglė needs a new pair of specs ?. He told me it was a Scottish cat….

Proper coffee!

We had time for a French-press of ground coffee I had just bought from Coffe Corner in Fethiye. Very nice it was too….. but we really need a stove!

By the time we had finished, packed up and had refused to pay 40Tl for the köşk we were perched on, rather than “using”, it was after 15:00!. Doesn’t a day fly by!

Umberella Street


t was rounded off by a nice meal at Kukina with our neighbours Pat and Jes. We did wander into the Paspatur (the old town) to try the trendy bars.

Yes, they were busy, but young trendy. Some were showing football, others had horrendous bassey sound-systems. We had one drink at Buzz Downtown and hurriedly left. Whoever designed the sound-system should be shot!

Ah-Bar opposite Megri was far nicer and more chilled, with live Turkish music upstairs. Time for bed after one drink and ready for another day.


Wow, a busy day!

Bootcamp selfie !

Bootcamp first. Our first full one after we were rained-off after one circuit last week. It was tough!. Four variations of each station before moving on to the next station. The upside was a 2 year birthday party picnic afterwards. Everybody brought goodies, including Jake making fab hummus, guacamole and cookies. Lucy’s cookies cakes were fab too.

first lesson

We picked up Nigel and Jayne, then off to ours to collect the paddleboard to give them a go at Paradise Beach. Jayne got on brilliantly. She needs her own paddleboard!. Nigel got on really well too and even better on the 2nd shot.

Messages started pinging in about or new kayaks arriving (unexpectedly) today. Dave needed a hand to off-load them as he was at the top of Babadag waiting to solo-paraglide down! As it turned out it was only the extra seats which arrived. The kayaks are still to come.

Laying out

Soner picked is up at 17:30. His young son was in the car fast asleep as he had been “naughty” and he always sleeps in the car so this was to shut him up! We had to drop off at Soner’s house before heading up to Babadag with Jayne and Nigel.

It was cool at the top, but spectacular views. The wind was blowing from inland so the paragliders weren’t taking off from 1700m. They were launching from the top.



We had a G&T. The layers went on as the sun dropped and the wind got up. Even the blankets were deployed around the shoulders!

We went inside to the stunning restaurant to order and eat…..then it all went horribly wrong…but not so bad for us as some.

We were amongst the last to go inside. There were big parties and lots of tables. We became aware the big parties who went inside early, hadn’t been fed……or some had and others hadn’t

Other smaller tables were waiting (justifiably) impatiently. Our starters came out before other tables, and 3 of our four mains arrived before the tables who had been waiting much longer. It was a shambles! Some harsh words were exchanged between customers and staff and several walked out. Meals arrived to empty tables.

Looking at Trip Advisor it doesn’t sound like an isolated incident. The manager was in denial and the staff like headless chickens. If the manager doesn’t grasp they have a problem (he doesn’t), they will never fix it

We traversed the mountain road to safety (thanks Sonner 🙂 ) and waved goodbye to Jayne & Nigel.

A Grand day out!

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