Turkey April – June 2019 – Buzz, SUP, Yoga, Walks and more !

This week’s Wednesday walk was from Gokceovacik to Gocek, A linear walk requiring us to leave cars at both ends. Great views over the Gocek islands.

Gocek Islands

We passed a number of huge houses with great views over the bay and large grounds. There were a number of these single-house bespoke properties being built and more land for sale. These would cost a pretty penny to build!

Dusty found the muddy hole as usual …..and blotted his copy-book in a big way. We stopped for our picnic where a local couple were working the land … well the wife was cutting hay with a hand-sickle, the husband was playing a musical whistle!

Locals hand-cutting grass, Dusty had a “dity protest” on the cuttings !

The hay was being stacked in a pile. Dusty first wandered up an peed on the pile. He returned later and left a “large deposit” on top of it!

Colour coordinated

On another day we explored Oludeniz and the new roof-terrace at the Buzz Bar. It is bigger than the old one and very smart. Nice for dinner at night too.


More beach yoga ensued and more paddleboarding at the Lagoon. Cem had a shot on the board and was getting on fine….until he paddled over to see the wedding at the adjoining beach-club, lost concentration and fell in! You never know, Cem falling in could be in the wedding video! The bride and groom had a party at Paradise Beach (Cem’s place) the previous night so he did know them. All part of the fun 🙂

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