Turkey April – June 2019 – Ramblers Uzumlu walk

Our 2nd “Wednesday Walk” (Fethiye Ramblers). We really enjoyed the walk last week in Zorlar. The length, the picnic, the challenge and most of all the company were all spot-on.

This one was from Uzumlu. This was where we were all but moving into an apartment in 2006 had we not pulled out at the last minute. In fact, we walked past the apartment at the end of this walk!

Had to stop and photograph the poppies in Uzumlu before the walk

It started well before the walk had begun. The poppy fields as you entered the village were spectacular!

Uzumlu is about 30 minutes from Fethiye up in the mountains. It’s a green fertile high-plateau surrounded by mountains with Cadianda an ancient archaeological site even higher in the mountains.

Hectors Tomb

The walk had a stiff uphill start as we passed Hector’sTomb (reputed to be Hector a hero of Troy from the Tojan Wars (Troy is in Turkey)

Picnic time

The view over Uzumlu was fantastic and the picnic stop was superb with views over Fethiye if you strolled a few yards.

The return to Uzumlu included a wrong-turn and a back-track but its all part of the adventure 🙂

We met Fran and John on this walk who are great friends of Dave Tomkins and Anne-Marie. Dave, Fran and John all paraglide and Fran and John run. We have seen Fran and John in Oludeniz for years. Fran is “distinctive”. Fluorescent bikinis and blond hair tied up in “horns” when in beach mode. They are just the nicest people you could hope to meet.

Aileen lusting after Fran’s beer !

We were a bit slow coming down the last bit of the hill (Aileen isn’t good on loose downhill stuff but a demon on the ascents!). Most people had left by the time we got back to the square but Dave, Anne-Marie , Fran and John had gone for a pint so we joined them!. A great craic 🙂

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