Turkey April – June 2019 – The cycling gets serious !, Yakacik walk, A&J,bicycle upgrade & scenery!

The off-road climb commences!

How hard could it be ?. I went out for a cycle with Lekker Ding, the step-up group from the Easy Riders. Sian picked the route … a good uphill climb on the D400 main road. Just about managed that on my 1992 ish Specialise Rockhopper….state of the art in its day. Prehistoric now when it comes to weight, low gears, brakes and (no) suspension. Then it got harder… a lot harder !. I started off by grinding to a halt on a steep loose bit and fell off at 0mph onto rocks !. That wasn’t a good start when cycling with new people who knew what they were doing!

I’m on top of the world Ma!

Then the loose surface forestry track climbing started !. Neither my legs nor my bike were up to it so there were parts I had to walk. I wasn’t alone though! There were other adventures. One of our number (a good strong cyclist) didn’t feel well due to the heat, and Terry’s tyre exploded !. Fortunately he managed to make a temporary repair and managed to cycle it all the way back. It was a very enjoyable but hard cycle.

I need a more modern bike!

We had a meal at the Bali in Olu Deniz with Ann & John followed by a Buzz drink and a cocktail at Mojitos.


The Wednesday walk was round Yakacik. The heat was really telling with a number of people wilting a bit and very little shade.

Me new, 2nd hand Carbon Fibre bike

The following day I went to look at Andrea’s bike she was selling. A 10 month old decent carbon fibre bike with good equipment at a good price. Sold !. Andrea lives neat Tlos / Saklikent. The scenery around there is stunning especially in Spring with the flowers and snow on the mountains. We had trout at one of the many restaurants along the icy cold rivers then meandered back to base with a new toy to be unleashed on the cycling world 🙂

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