Turkey April – June 2019 – Kayakoy walk, Kemer cycle, Buzz dinner, Kefal, Hisaranou walk, Bootcamp and Nefes Breakfast!

Lycian Tombs in Kayakoy

Another great Wednesday walk from Kayakoy covering paths we did know and a lovely path we didn’t know. We used the new trail bike to get to the meeting point 🙂

The dogs with us had a good barking at from multiple kangals (goat/sheep guard dogs the size of a pony !). Fortunately safely behind a wire fence this time ….but that isn’t always the case!

One of the paths we didn’t know about took us into a clearing which had been farmed in the past. Some very old trees I hadn’t seen before with unusual bark and foliage. This was also the largest concentrations of tortoises we had seen in any one place. They were everywhere in little clusters.

12 Mosques cycle

I did what was probably the longest cycle to Kemer and back (at least the longest I remember !) of just over 50Km. Pretty flat so no big drama. It was lovely to meet Gary and Jayne who were super helpful and encouraging

Kemar starting the garage build

The build of our new garage for the Honda started and to hold our other “toys”. It started as a simple “shed” plan and ended up as a stone-built garage with a tiled roof to match the house. Kemar is virtually doing the whole build on his own.

Dinner at Buzz Bar

Joy arrived for 2 weeks so we had dinner at Buzz with Jacquie and Paul. It is really good to be back at the re-instated Buzz roof terrace

Healthy Kefal Restaurant

Aileen and I made another trip to the Kefal. The seafood is just so good and very reasonable. As happens with many meals in Turkey now, the drinks were more expensive than the food !….and that wasn’t going over the score with the drinks!

No week is complete without another Bootcamp or two ! and a short but enjoyable Sunday walk, this time around one of our local routes from Hisaronu but the chat and social side is worth going for alone.

Temperatures are really getting a lot warmer now which will take its toll on the walking and cycling.

Nefes Breakfast Restaurant

Aileen, Jacquie Paula and I tried the new Nefes Breakfast Restaurant. What a spread! There were some really interesting and unusual foods. Great quality and great presentation and just a lovely location with great views.

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