Spain Paragliding – Day 5

I didn’t go paragliding today. The leg isn’t too painful and felt fine first thing in the morning. It got a bit achy when standing but nothing ibuprofen couldn’t relieve!

If I had a burning desire to be a paraglider I would have probably gone out with the rest of the guys and risked not whacking the same leg again…… but that’s not really why I did the course. I would probably have done the course years ago rather than just talking about it if the desire had been so strong.

Yes ideally it would have been great to complete the course and get a few flights in, but in order to become qualified to fly solo without instruction you need to complete another 6-day course, Club Pilot (CP). I never envisaged being in one place long enough to buy a canopy and all the kit, join a club and get lots of hours in flying in locations less punishing than Babdag so I didn’t plan on doing the CP unless the bug really bit me.

Flying is no doubt amazing and the pics from Dave Tomkins the other day of his Cross Country flight to Kabak and back were stunning and a great achievement.

What struck me about the EP (Elementary Pilot) course I was doing was that I never felt fully prepared at any point before moving onto the next stage. There just wasn’t enough time / right weather. Quite quickly you could get in big trouble through a stupid mistake or an unexpected gust of wind. There were just too many “uncontrollables” for me.

As my leg was getting stitched up I was more focused on the possibility of it messing up our travel plans for the rest of the year and all the stuff we had enjoyed in Turkey (walking, cycling, paddleboard, yoga, Bootcamp), rather than any concern about it messing up the course.

Lots of people have done this course and maybe they listen better than me or are more “natural” than me, so it’s not a question of an issue with the course or the instruction. It’s more about me wanting to be 100% happy I am fully to grips with one manoeuvre before upping the consequences to the next.

If I persevere I could probably nail it and the leg was just bad luck. Nothing more than a fall when running downhill while being pulled to the side by a giant kite on your back ?. A grassy slope would have been fine.

I had a day by the pool with Aileen and Moira instead ?. The Bali Bed was tres comfortable!

So that’s probably my paragliding experience done and dusted with no regrets or recriminations. Just need the leg to heal with no complications to be ready for our next jaunt ?

4 thoughts on “Spain Paragliding – Day 5

  1. Ian
    Fran and I think you’ve had a rough trot with the weather first of all.
    Everyone learns at a different pace so don’t be worried about what others are doing. We had our first hops on gentle grass covered slopes in N Yorkshire so your environment sounds far more intimidating.
    Learning to fly is a slow process, one which requires a lot of patience. Weather and whether to fly are major considerations whenever you go to a hill no matter how high it is and regardless of your ability.
    Never say never again!
    Fran & John

    1. Cheers Fran & John. Yes I think you are totally spot on there about everything. The weather has been all over the place within seconds (speed, direction and thermals), and the terrain is unforgiving.

      If I do it again my first job would be to check where the fly coz I ain’t doing it over boulder strewn hills again untill I know what the hell I’m doing.

      What it has done (and this was the main objective) was to give me a bit of insight into what you guys do. Hats off ??

      Onwards and upwards ?

    2. You did very well for the time you were there and the EP course you were doing certainly tried to pack in a lot in that time. I guess like any sport if you’re hell bent on pursuing it you do it taking all the risks that experience and the expense throws at you. However, if it’s more of an interest with no real need to take it to the next level and invest lots of hours and investment in kit then just enjoy it for the taster that it was. As you say you have lots of healthy sport interests you share with aileen and still a lot of the planet still calling out for you both to explore.

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