Spain Paragliding – Day 4 update. Don’t look if squeamish!

The good news is nothing broken, just painkillers and antibiotics and stitches out on 10 days. That will be a pretty sight… not!. Might have to wear “longs” in Italy!

The medical centre in the tiny town/village La Paca was excellent. The University hospital in Cartagena was excellent too. Just took a long time (about 3.5 hours including x-rays)

The guys on the course and the instructor all played a blinder too, including Simon driving us to the hospital and having to hang around…. and an early start tomorrow

If you are reading this and hopefully not squeamish, here is the stitched up leg. Believe me, it looked far worse when completely open and leg muscles showing!

The leg !

12 thoughts on “Spain Paragliding – Day 4 update. Don’t look if squeamish!

  1. Ian you doughnut!!! What happened mate? Good luck on your recovery anyway, maybe you should consider taking up chess??

  2. Now that do look like a Dave Tomkins injure lol .
    Glad it’s not as bad as it could have been . Take care

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