Scone photo-walk 01/05/2020

A belated Blog catchup. I recently discovered a non-Facebook friend was actually reading the Blog version (which are a copy of what I put on Facebook). On our normal “travels” I have been doing the Blog first then copying to Facebook, but Lockdown had more pics and less text !

This is the start of the Facebook catchup …so may be a bit disjointed ….and old hat to many !

It turned out a better day than expected. Managed to knock the big lens of “image stabilisation” by accident so more dodgy pics than usual :-). The colours are changing in the fields, farming continues apace and the trees are greening up more and more, but still a lot are bare. We saw our first House Martin and Swallow the other day, and lots more swallows today along with the usual suspects. 10Km after a hard yoga session 🙂

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