On our way


An early start for an 06:30 flight. An unexpectedly huge queue at security, but at least it moved quickly.

What a lovely day to leave Glasgow!

The flight was pretty much on time. We picked up the Ssangyong Rodio from Europecar. It was big 7 SEATER and covered in dings…. I wonder why!.

Ken did the driving. It took us a while to realise why the brake warning light was on when there wasn’t a handbrake. After some Googling I found out where the handbrake was. It was doing a great job of masquerading as an ashtray!

View from the balcony.. We can see the sea.

The apartment at Calahonda was lovely. A nice big 3 bedroom apartment with a large terrace and with pool and sea views.

First task was a shop at the local mini-market. Sunday in Spain means all the large supermarkets are closed, but to be fair the local shop was good and not expensive.

Pretty Cabopino

Ann & Ron took us for a walk along the boardwalk and beach to Cabopino. You emerged from under the arch of a car-park into a lovely little harbour with an attractive ring of restaurants round it.

Great lunch and music at Andy’s Bar

We carried on to Andy’s Beach Bar where they had live music. The food was excellent. Tortilla, tuna salad, melon and ham, garlic bread, excellent sardines and the highlight was deep-fried baby squid. As good as I have had anywhere.

Free J&B frosty fingers!

The band were fab. Lots of oldies and some more recent stuff. Excellent musicians and great vocals. Some even resorted to jigging!

We haven’t been to this patch before. Very gentile residential areas, lovely beaches with soft sand and just a lovely vibe.


We stopped at Chirringuito Royal Beach for our tea. In all honesty it it was probably too early after lunch, but the food was decent. The bar/restaurant had a nice vibe with chirpy staff. It must have been there for donkeys years and wss quirky, rather than being a polished newcomer. We prefer them that way

Home was a short walk back. We were all tired after our early flight.. but still managed a nightcap on the balcony.

Nae bad ?

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