New paths and woods from Scone

We always head for the hills on “our” side of the main road . Time for an explore on the other side, down by the River Tay. Not much wildlife to be seen at this time of year, but fab weather compared to the last few days.

Maps.Me is a great App on the phone as it shows lots of footpaths . Without it we would have been blind. Through Highfield Wood down to Old Scone near Scone Palace , then along the road to Stormontfield near the Tay. A couple of the paths we wanted to take down towards the river were no Access (Scone Palace owns all the land along the river).

We had an aborted attempt further along but the path petered out ….and too many nettles! We got to the river at Old Waukmill Ferry Crossing and walked back along the Tay to the Racecourse hoping we could get back to the road without re-tracing our steps. The sign at the road said no public access ! A couple of guys were out fly-fishing for salmon. There may be a cost-effective way to fish for locals, but for a visitor to salmon-fish here costs serious money, The cost depends on how productive the part of the river is and can be between £100 per day £1400! Nobody challenged us as we walked past the Race Course.

We went through Old Scone Wood to get back. We hacked our way through a bit of jungle and finally found our way out A nice wee 18km stroll 🙂

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