More squirrels and woodpeckers !

Cuteness overload ? Our wee red-squirrel chum in our garden on the bird feeders

Our scampering Red Squirrel ?

Let me know if you are bored with red squirrel pics ?. They are so agile!. He runs along the top of the fence until he gets to a part which is overgrown and without a hesitation continues to run along the vertical face of the fence until he can get back on the top again (sadly no pics of this !)

A wet grey day here. A death sadly when the birds all scattered (probably a Sparrowhawk fly-by) and a young blackbird flew into our window. We get birds strikes often but few fatalities.Several grey squirrel visits and two woodpeckers on the feeders. This is a male. We didn’t get a pic of the other one

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