Lockdown 25/04/2020 – Scone

I didn’t get round to finishing up yesterdays photo-walk last night. If we have set of bird pics we like I post them as I am doing them as everything needs an “edit” of some sort (not “photoshopping” or anything like that). We both shoot RAW images which then have to be “processed”. It takes a while ….

Yesterday after 07:00 Fitcamp, 08:15 Yoga and 10:00 Yoga was almost 10Km over mostly paths , forest , burn and bridal-path. 

I keep thinking we will run out of things to snap…but we haven’t yet 🙂

We have been looking for a Dipper on the river and finally found one a few hundred yards from the house. Aileen found two Grey Wagtails on our way back. Both good sightings. Aileen also got a couple of pics of a GSW (Woodpecker) but there were too many branches in the way to be any good.

A Wren and Robin were also very busy at the burn. The Wren, especially on our return journey, was clearly happy hunting in the burn. I didn’t realise that was their territory. You think more hedges and piles of twigs!

It was also a treat to see a vole family scurrying along the road. Aileen got these pics too!

We saw a Whitethroat which was the first of the year for us. They will just have migrated from south of the Sahara.

With more and more leaves coming on the trees the birds are harder to spot and photograph but everything is looking much more lush

This long dry spell must come to an end soon

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