Lockdown 21/04/2020 – Scone

A longer (15km) route today mostly on quiet tarmac lanes (only a handful of cars and walkers the whole walk), then back on Coronation Road (the path/bridal path) .

Aileen demanded a better camera after all the abuse she got from David Fisher ;-). She took the Nikon D3300 DSLR and the Nikon 70-300 zoom. Aileen got cracking results so a lot of the pics here are Aileen’s. 

Not a great “wildlife day”, but a few nice spots. Our first Lapwing this year in this area, Aileen spotted a GSW (Greater Spotted Woodpecker !). 

Lots of lambs…we didn’t see any when we did this walk a couple of weeks ago. 

A deer which was determined to get into a protected forestry area designed to keep deer out ! 

A “Tenebrosus Pheasant” (Blue Pheasant), and Aileen spotted a Long Tailed Tit and managed a decent snatched pic against the sun. 

People are always friendly in this part of the world but seem even more so at the moment. We had a few chats on our circuit, including a lady who told us there was a Nuthatch in the Scone Den. Rare in Scotland and the Birding Maps don’t show them as coming this far north.

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