First full day at Calahonda

We explored locally, having a wander through the rambla. It was nice wooded, shaded (dry) jungle-like walk. The walk back was through the Jardines del Puerto Urbinization which was nicely manicured and Pueblo Blanco-like, with good views out to sea. I can see why this area is so popular.

We did a “shop” as the supermarkets were open (closed yesterday on a Sunday), however despite being told by the girl in reception yesterday the supermarkets were closed on Sundays, the signs on Lidl and Super Sol said they were open on Sundays! Who knows…

6 people shopping was interesting as we all lobbed our own “demands” into the trolley! It was bursting at the seams by the time we got to the checkout. Pretty impressive for a bite of breakfast and lunch for 6 people!

We had a chillout afternoon and a swim at the pool. We’ll the others did, I am still keeping my dressing dry. I had other things to be getting on with on the comfortable balcony.

Post quizz photoshoot

We headed down to Macdonald Leila Playa Resort for happy-hour and the quizz. A very swish resort with a few people there. The quizz-master arrived to see who wanted to play….. We were the only table!

We improvised and split into 2 teams. It was a vicious but close fought competition! Our table won!


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