Elementary Pilot training – day 2

Day 2 started with little or no wind… nothing is ever perfect as we are talking nature here!

We went back to the same practice site Venta Seca. The winds were very light or non-existent. The perfect conditions to try forward launch!. You do this if there isn’t enough wind to reverse launch.

We paired up for this one to make it easier to sort out the lines and the canopy. I was paired with Ken as we are similar weights.

Clip-in, get yourself ready…. then run!. With no wind, you need around 10mph to get the canopy up.

Some went well, some not so well but that is all part of learning. It was certainly a heck of a lot better than yesterday!

The wind picked up a bit which gave us a chance to try the reverse take-off. You Clip-in, face forward, then turn to face the canopy (with the lines crossed over). You walk/run backwards to lift the canopy (getting it to lift straight is the hard bit rather than it diving to one side or the other!), then when it is above your head (ish), still walking back you turn to face forward (important you turn the correct direction!) then keep on walking / running to launch.

Again some went well, some not so well!. It’s all practice, practice practice! The wind speed was up and down (often not enough) and the direction kept changing…. radically!. There was a lot of waiting for enough wind, turning the canopy to compensate for the changing wind direction…. or waiting for the direction to change back… at the right speed!

Ken battling with the elements!

The anticipated brisk afternoon breeze was for too brisk so we had to wait. It was just too strong for safe handling

Sadly that was it for the day. The onshore breeze within our limits forecast for 13:00 was just too strong. We called it a day after a long wait hoping it would improve.

A much better day today and it made us realise how tricky the conditions were yesterday.

We had another decent meal at the waterfront. We tried Viggo’s which was fine but not our favourite.

Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

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