It was a leisurely start to the day. Mushroom an toast with a fried egg on the balcony. Yum yum!

The plan was to drive to Casares North of Estepona. We had stayed a week in Estepona in February 2018 but the weather was warm but damp. Not enough to stop us doing anything or make it unpleasant, but enough to dissuade us from exploring the mountains. They were ways I’m dark cloud and rain.

Group pic

I did a quick Google before I left. The excellent Andalucia.Com website advised us to approach from Manliva. We did, and it was a good call.

A very pretty run along a wind-turbine ridge. You could see Casares from a good distance. A church /defensive wall on a hill, and a pure white Pueblo Blanco cascading below it. It looked like someone had spilled a tin of white paint over an upside down ice-cream cone.

We stopped at an abandoned Tourist Information office outside the village, looking across a valley to it. Griffon vultures drifting around in the skies around us.

Our bus

I had volunteered to drive the “bus. It is over 5 meters long, but drives fine….It’s not so keen on corners and bumps though!

Expensive coffee and cake!

We had a coffee at the top of the hill before walking down to Casares. The coffee was average but the cakes were nice. Over 30 Euro for 6 coffees and 3 cakes though…..

A vennel

The walk into Casares was through steep, narrow, whitewashed lanes which were well cared for. The main square was small but lively with a “maypole” covered with coloured penants in tbe middle. The deep blue sky above, and the Moorish defensive walls and Mosque (now church) sandwiched between, looking down on the Pueblo.

Always a fiesta

The walk up to the church was steep but short. The views from the top were stunning. What a defensive position with steep cliffs round much of it. Vultures soaring around us in the high winds.

Very well tended cemetery

The cemetery at the top was compact but full. In fact they were building new tombs (not sue if that is the correct term) on top of old ones. The whole place was immaculately kept with plaques, statues, artificial flowers, real flowers and candles etc.


The very top of the hill had stonewashed lines walls with sheer drops and views out to the Rock of Gibraltar in the distant haze.

Damn right I’m not climbing down there!

We returned to Estapona and were very lucky getting a parking space for the “bus”, and it was free! We knew Estapona a bit from 2018 so we led the way. The lanes look even better in summer, although they also looked pretty on February. We’ll maintained streets, coloured potsand flowers on the wall, public art, pretty little shaded squares and dazzling flowers and fountains at the roadside.


We stopped at our favourite bar Bidequito dėl Chato which is run by a “mature” husband and wife. The tapas is a all home-made and very foodie.

Plaza de los flores, Estepona

The white wine drinkers really appreciated their tipple too. A small glass of wine was poured for all. At first we thoughr was all they were getting, but that was just a taste. A generous glass was then poured when it got the seal of approval.

Something like 3 white wines and 3 beers and maybe 6 – 8 foodie tapas (crab, prawns, foi, pork etc) for 34 Euro…..about the same as this mornings coffee and cake! No competition!

Fab fish counter Carefour Hypermarket, Estepona

Carefour Hypermarket our last stop for a drinks top-up and some fresh sole (the fish). Ken and Ray cooked a lovely sole menuier with ratatouille and oven-cooked potatoes. The salmon and orange salad was great too as the starter.

What a grand day out!

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