Bits and bobs early June 2020

This excerpt from Facebook doesn’t read very well as they aren’t from an Album, just snippets of text associated with related pics.

Odds and sods. We explored a forest on the other side of Scone. More exploring to be done there

A bit of a damp day today….but the bird feeders have been hammered !. A huge amount of young birds of different species feeding or being fed. Also, a Greater Spotted woodpeckers (possibly more than one) have been inspecting the feeders but not feeding. This is a female as it has no red blob on the back of its neck (the male has that). A juvenile has a red crown.

Always lovely to see the Tree Sparrows (not the more common House Sparrow). Pretty sure this is a juvenile as the white cheek and black cheek-patch isn’t well defined. These, and the chestnut head and white collar separates it from a House Sparrow

Mr (Bertie) Bullfinch had another visit today. A bit grey and drizzly so a lot of “noise” in the pics.Another pic added with a Goldfinch to let you see the size

Another youngster hoovering up the sunflower-heart dropping from the feeder above. Juvenile Blackbird

Very cute young fluff-ball blue tits waiting to be fed !

Young Goldfinches ….they have the wing markings, but not the bright red “mask”

Not fantastic pics (the light isn’t very good and still through double glazing), but some young Great Tits calling for food…and getting it !

Another uncommon visitor to the garden today. Siskins are lovely little birds. We haven’t seen one for ages. A small finch which likes pine & deciduous forests. The UK can get a lot of additional visitors from Northern Europe in winter.

Last pics for tonight. We see and hear loads of Yellowhammers when out walking (we are very lucky in this part of the world as they are under pressure in the UK due to hedgerows being ripped out and a change in farming methods). It’s unusual to see them in our garden. The sunflower-hearts spilled from the feeders have attracted them !

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