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A photo-diary Blog of our “adventures”

We often look back at our Facebook Albums for where / when / who which restaurant etc. This is an attempt to have a more permanent, searchable and customisable option than Facebook albums.

How it works
The design is still “work in progress” but the basic idea is if you click on “BLOG” at the top menu it will show the most recent posts irrespective of the “category”

If you want to look at a specific “Category” (e.g Spain Paragliding or Turkeu Spring 2019 etc.) click on “Trips” on the top menu then on the item you want from the drop-down.

Click on the “Follow” menu item at the top to get an email alert when a new post is added

Click on the magnifying glass on the top menu and enter the search terms. It will search posts and the titles of images (but not title in the Galleries)

As I get this knocked into shape all the “Galleries” will be on SmugMug (a photo-sharing website) and will be pulled into the Blog as you view it. You can go straight to SmugMug using the Menu Item at the top

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