2020 Lockdown – preamble

This isn’t really what we had in mind for our “Travel Blog” ….but travel is a bit tricky these days!. We should have flown to Turkey on 7th April which we re-scheduled to 28th April before the flight lockdown was announced. We kinda knew the 28th April was unlikely to happen ….

Anyhoo, so we are in Scone longer than expected. There are worse places to be locked down :-). We have a decent sized garden, and the house is on the edge of the countryside so we can walk for miles and only see a handful of people.

I started putting photographs from our walks on Facebook, and that kinda snowballed.

The pics here were with our phones, then a compact camera…..then a Nikon DSLR and a 100-400 zoom, then the bigger heavier DSLR and the 150-600 zoom. It’s amazing the wildlife right on our doorstep. I guess the lockdown has “forced” us to explore our “back-yard” …..and we are all the richer for it.

So these blogs will be what we have already posted in Facebook, but duplicated here for posterity 🙂


A cracking day for a wee stroll from the house. Sunny and pleasant. A bit muddy in places with snow on the hills, and the odd icy puddle at the start.

Up the Coronation Road. One theory as to why it is called the Coronation Road is because the Earl (or Mormaer as they were then known) of Fife had the hereditary responsibility of Crowning the King and so would have had to travel to Scone from Elcho Castle on the other side of the Tay.

Up the hill towards the McDuff Monument (a 1783 Folly) then on towards the Lyndoch Obelisk which was erected in 1853 in memory of Lord Lynedoch who fought with Wellington to free Portugal and Spain in the battle of Barossa in 1811.

A very pleasant 12.65km Social Distancing walk 

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