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Hi from Ian & Aileen 😁

First off, have a look at the menu where you will see the blogs arranged in different “TRIPS”. The “BLOG” menu item shows the most recent ones.

We hail from Scotland, but spend a lot of time on other places these days.

We love nice weather and exploring different countries and experiences….. and food and drink!

We like walking and outdoors, we are recent converts to yoga and Bootcamp (circuit training). Ian started cycling on Turkey recently and has really enjoyed that and of course, we enjoy being out on our paddleboards 😁

On the less eco-friendly side, we love touring in convertible cars or on a motorbike.

We like to keep a diary (blog) for ourselves to remind us of places, names, people and of course restaurant and bar names!.

We hope you enjoy the “Travel Monkeys” Blog 😁. Check out the menu as we will have different pages for different trips.

At the top and bottom of each page, there is a “follow us” link which will send you an email when we write a new post, also a link to our Facebook Page etc. Don’t be shy to sign up 😁.

Ian & Aileen

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